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About September 6, 2009

That's me!

That's me!

I have always admired cooking blogs.  Some of them contain such beautiful photos and well-written entries.  What’s more, many of the recipes I have found and tried are quite good.  Having developed a love of cooking over the years, I started to think about creating my own cooking blog.  But there are so many blogs out there!  Why would anyone want to read mine?  The answer, I suppose, is the same reason I have sought out various blogs myself—I was looking for something to cook and a certain recipe caught my eye.  The internet provides a forum for absolutely anyone who wants to put information out there.  And it can be used by whoever wants it.  So that’s why I’m doing this—adding yet another cooking blog to the worldwide web.  If only one person finds something useful on this site, I think that’s great.  Plus, I enjoy this!  So my other main motivation is purely selfish.

Please do what you wish with the information presented here.  To me, cooking should be enjoyable and is essentially a means to an end—we all have to eat!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t eat something that tastes good and is relatively healthy.  I’m sure most have heard this same rhetoric elsewhere, but I think there’s truth to it.  So I probably won’t be including overly fancy or extravagant recipes (I don’t have the money for extravagant ingredients anyway!), just the good and simple stuff.

Finally, the recipes you’ll find here will be vegetarian (ovo-lacto) because this is something else I believe in.  If that’s not your thing or you just want to try out some veg recipes, that’s cool with me.  Enjoy!


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Michele Mallette Sherman Says:

    The cookies look delicious! Can’t wait to try them.

  2. Aunt Nicole Says:

    Yum. These look like something Francis would like. But, don’t even try to compete with my molasses cookies.

    • clairezee Says:

      Colie! I think we all know nothing beats your molasses cookies (which I now think will be the subject of an upcoming post…). Love ya!

  3. Francis Says:

    Well look what the cat dragged in! I love it!!! Love the recipes so far, love the color scheme, love the photos! Get it, girl!

  4. Grace Says:

    Yummy fritters! : )

  5. Kaitlin Says:

    Girl, you are the shit! This is wonderful! I’m late to the party on reading your smart, witty and adorable blog (blame Francis for not sending me the link sooner!), but I’m digging it pretty hard. You rule! Smooches.

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